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    Not to be critical but while climate was a key factor in where humans preferred to congregate Dr Morris did not address the effects of known climatological events and trends on social development. Also, perhaps I am the exception but geography fior me was K-12. Western Civ in college 1964 was required for Freshman. I added a minor in Geography with focus on SE Asia(not becuse of the war) and population geography, at that time an emerging science arising from the population explosion issue of the day, which brings me to my comment. Three of Dr Morris’ drivers of future social development, migration, famine and disease are subheadings of population. Early civilizations might have responded to climate change through migration but as popualtion expanded they often expanded, migrated, as Dr Morris states “at the expense of others”. Malthus predicted the expionential explosion of population would drive famine, disease and societal catastrophe. Development of agricultural science and technology, countered Malthus’ predictions, but for how long. While climate change mongers talk of cities under water the larger question is cities without water and the specter of drought, famine, disease and resulting social upheaval.


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