130. Egyptian Architects & Client Pharaohs


Luxor Temple Pylon: Then (above) and Now (below)



Sifting through archaeology videos on the web, I pan for gold nuggets that will both inform and entertain. For we all know that if we cannot stay awake during a presentation, we’ll get nothing out of it. Occasionally, I find a high-quality video with a large and focused theme, which begs to be shared. Videos dramatized or presented by trained speakers are the liveliest, and therefore most instructive. The quality of production, sound, and images is crucial. Last, but most important, the best quality video will lose all such virtues if it is a poorly recorded copy.

I’ve found a quality video with a large and focused theme, which begs to be shared. Today’s 90-minute video surveys the history of Egypt from the Old through the Middle and New Kingdoms, including the Intermediate Periods, by focusing upon the building projects and their architects, methodology, and client Pharaohs. The subject-matter experts are generally archaeologists from prime institutions and notable Egyptian scholars. An unobtrusive and genial guide keeps up the pace. The video is good enough (though not high definition) that you will enjoy it best using full-screen.

I assure all non-Egyptologists that you will deepen your understanding of the arc of the civilization of ancient Egypt, and encounter at least a few notable events and characters which you had not previously encountered. I certainly did.

Here is the video. Enjoy.

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