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    I think you would like the U-TUBE Videos from the Royal Institute.

    There was an interesting video from an old annoying professor that
    indicated that the “ARC” was an enormous Carocal ( spelling ), which was
    a Round Boat that was still being made in the Middle East thru the 1920’s
    It was made of palm wood ropes, and reeds covered with high quality
    bitumin, which locally available. Due to magical mathematics, it a
    bottom surface area of 3600 square meters. They made a scale model
    of it in India, and floated it across a lake, and down a canal. The Bitumin
    from India is not as good as the bitumin from the middle east, but with the
    addition of gas powered water pump, they kept it afloat.
    The construction is similar to giant sized basket weaving where a spiral of reeds,
    is sewn to the previous spiral using rope. The finished product is bowl shaped.


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