243. COVID-19 Plague not first with Economic Plan

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At this unpleasant and, for many, terrifying and heartbreaking moment, we fall back on our core beliefs. These core beliefs vary widely between spiritual and secular, and I won’t list them in this moment of global grief. The anguish will come into focus as the extent of the problem reveals itself. Many, including myself, pray for a miracle while others, including myself, hope for a quick scientific breakthrough which might take the form of a fast-acting medical cure for those infected and a quick and safe first vaccine for the uninfected. In fact, whether we rely on faith and /or medical science to end the outbreak, we face an immense task in gluing Humpty-Dumpty back together.

Restarting our national and global economies may be an even more difficult problem, as its extent becomes more visible. Mankind has become much more adept in the material and biological sciences than in that of economics. Capitalism and Socialism, Freedom and Tyranny have been in a deadly struggle for the past few centuries and were again approaching hostilities before this plague broke out. World War I (1914-18) killed 20 million people divided equally between military and civilians and spread the 1918 “flu” which killed another 17 to 50 million deaths after infecting a third of the earth’s population. Since the news of the flu’s toll was suppressed in the Western World and virtually nonexistent elsewhere, it did not create a global panic as COVID-19 has. World War II (1939-45) killed 60 million people, 20 million soldiers, and 40 million civilians. I’ve seen estimates of 80 million total because civilian deaths, especially in Russia, were impractical to count.

As we watch with dismay our own and the world’s economies unravel and our leaders struggle to find a path to recovery in the midst of this vicious plague, don’t be dismayed. The problem is not a new one. Here is a recent article in Ancient Origins that places COV-19 in historic perspective. Simply click the button below and you will see how many countries and continents have tried to manage similar plague problems in the past—and how their efforts worked out. Be sure to follow the links embedded in the article and the link boxes at its end.

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R.E.J. Burke

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