244. COVID-19 and the five possibilities.

Today, the USA passes 100,000 dead from the COVID-19 plague. The overall US death rate is 10% higher than last year. Many more of us think about death than at this time last year. When we ponder death, what is our expectation of what we will experience when we die? Postmodern philosophy encounters the proverbial “rock and a hard place.” There are only a few possibilities:

  1. We no longer exist and therefore experience nothing.
  2. Or, we expected not to exist but find ourselves in an unexpected afterlife and are:
    1. unhappy, or
    2. happy.
  3. Or, we expected an afterlife, and find that it is:
    1. inconsistent with our spiritual hope, or
    2. consistent with our spiritual hope.

What do I think?

First, let’s look back forty-six years to August 1974, when I avoided everything that led me to think about this awful truth. I was thirty-four years old and on a 17-year roll in my career. I had dropped all pretenses, regularly mocked religion, and was fond of saying, “I walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil because I am the meanest man in the valley.” Why did I think like that? Because I saw my parents’ God as an implacable foe to my ambitions—and they were many. Then this happened.

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