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1 Once Upon a Time, There Was
2 Glaciers Melt, Rains Come, Seas Rise, People Move
3 Middle-East Becomes Cornucopia
4 Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Bronze Ages
5 Societal Integrity in 5,203 BP
6 Spiritually Minded People in 5,203 BP
7 Some Mesopotamians Go West in 5,203 BP
8 Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Semitic Languages
9 Copper Mining in Levant 8,000 Years Ago
10 Creation Concepts, Intelligent or Random?
11 Gilgamesh and Mesopotamia’s Gods
12 An Evil Ritual at Prehistoric Ur
13 Egypt and Mesopotamia Shared Evil Ritual
14 Land Transportation 5,203 Years Ago
15 The Land of the Horsemen 5,203 Years Ago
16 Camel tamers and Proto-Semitic Speaking Bedouin in 5203 BP
17 Choices People Must Make in Mesopotamia in 5203 BP
18 People Depended Upon Gods in 5203 BP
19 Making and Sailing Blue-water Vessels in 5203 BP
20 Rule of Law Began in Mesopotamia
21 Character Matters
22 Mesopotamian Weaponry 5,203 years ago, the Sling
23 Ship, Shipwrecks, Ship Design in Bronze Age
24 Uluburun Shipwreck 3,319 Years Ago Reveals Rich Bronze Age Trade Route
25 The Worldwide Flood Legends
26 Tale of Sinuhe
27 Prehistoric Egypt and Dynastic Race Theory
28 Implications of Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian Languages, and Weather 5,203 Years Ago
29 Food Aplenty and A Bus Trip back 5,203 years to Hierakonpolis
30 What did folks expect after death 5203 years ago?
31 Scientific Method and the Caspian-Black Sea Flood
32 Summary of Everyday Life in Fertile Crescent 5,203 Years Ago
33 The Indus Valley Civilization 3,300-1,500 BC. Part I
34 The Indus Valley Civilization 3,300-1,500 BC. Part 2
35 Indus Valley Civilization 3500-1500 BC. Excavations. Part 3
36 Indus Valley Civilization. Harappan Stage. Part 4
37 Indus Valley Civilization. Regime Change. Part 5
38 Gobekli Tepe Excavation Unsettles Science
39 Epipaleolithic Hunter-Gatherers form Experimental Towns
40 Different Paths to Different Outcomes
41 Religion was serious business in the ancient world—and still is today
42 West Making Same Mistake as Indus Valley Civilization 4,000 years ago
43 Reader’s comment to Post 42 and reply
44 Fictional Ausgrenor is inspired by Ur and Uruk
45 Artifacts and Language, Scientific Method and Preconceptions
46 Arpachiyah, Halaf and Ubaid legacy to Uruk Culture
47 Sumerian Mythology and the Emergence of Religion from Prehistory
48 James Henry Breasted, Founder of the Oriental Institute
49 Archaeological Hubris Can Lead to Fatuous Generalizations
50 Fertile Crescent cities 3,203 B.C
51 Archaeology from Mount Karkas to Southern Mesopotamia
52 Southern Mesopotamia at Susa, Ur, and Eshnunna. Part 1
53 Halaf, Ubaid, Uruk Periods at Susa, Ur, Eshnunna. Part 2
54 The Genesis of the Sumerian People at Dilmun. Part 3
55 Ubaid Prosper in South Mesopotamia while Halaf Spread in North, Part 4
56 Tell Sabi Abyad and the Halaf Phenomenon, Part 5
57 What is Known About the Ubaid Phenomenon? Part 6
58 More Clues about the Ubaid Phenomenon? Part 7
59 Ubaid Roots of Sumer: Eridu, Part 8
60 Halaf-Ubaid at Tell Zeidan, Part 9
61 Halaf-Ubaid Peer Polity, Part 10
62 Uruk sprouts from Ubaid Roots, Part 11
63 Roots of Sumer in Uruk: Where People Lived, Part 12
64 Surface Surveys and Ancient Savagery, Part 13
65 Uruk’s monstrous crime at Hamoukar
66 From whence came Uruk’s violence
67 The Roots of Evil in Dilmun
68 Ubaid roots of Dilmun in Persian Gulf
69 “Mythical Dilmun” shrank and vanished as sea level rose
70 “Mythical Dilmun” not so mythical anymore
71 Persian Gulf Valley as Ice Age Refuge
72 Out of Africa into the Melting Pot
73 Sumerian and Ubaid Creation Myths
74 Sumerian cosmology, creation myth and pantheon
75  Choga Mish and its Ubaid Connection
76 Choga Mish and Susa Ubaid connection
77 Ubaid in Arabian littoral of Persian Gulf
78 Black-on-buff pottery & Pastoralists in Iran
79 Black-on-buff migrants in Iran, C14 comparisons
80 Not quite Edenic: Holocene Pluvial Phase
81 Refocusing blog to present a single archaeological gem each week
82 Diaspora from the Persian Gulf valley refuge
83 Indus Valley Civilization Revisited
84 Model of Evolution of Harappan Civilization
85 Broken Skulls, Violence in Harappa
86 Before farming: the “Paleo Diet” of hunter-gatherers
87 Bible’s utility as archaeological source
88 Leiden Lectures review Early and Mature Harappan Culture
89 Infant Sacrifice at Carthage and ramifications
90 Phoenician Maritime Thalassocracy, DNA, and shipwrecks
91 Eulogy to Sumer
92 The rise and fall of the Hittite Empire
93 Troy’s Fall Beginning of End of Hittite Empire
94 Minoan Crete 3500-1400 BC
95 Apocalyptic end to Minoan Crete
96 Oldest Literature is Gilgamesh
97 Scorpion King and Pharaoh Narmer
98 Synchronizing Mesopotamian and European archaeology based upon metallurgy?
99 Spiritual Revelation at Gobekli Tepe spurs Neolithic Revolution, but less so in Egypt
100 Luwians: New Hypothesis in Bronze Age Collapse
101 Omen for our time: Bronze Age Collapse
102 Drought Destroys Old Kingdom
103 Food for Body & Soul
104 Eating, Milking, and Riding Horses
105 Data-mining this Blog using Search Bar and Archives
106 Theory that Geography and Climate Predetermine Destiny: Video
107 War Reduced Violent Death Rate 90% Since Last Ice Age. (Video)
108 Is inequality, like war, sometimes good?
109 Out of the Ice Age, into an Abyss?
110 Out of the Ice Age, into the Unknown?
111 Growth in Complexity Proved Fatal to Past Civilizations. (video)
112 History’s Cycle: Startup, Complexity, Collapse.
113 Complexity: Ubaid Valley Under Persian Gulf
114 Complex Ubaid Diaspora from Gulf Valley.
115 Ubaid Feats in the Gulf Valley and Later.
116 Ubaid: Dr. Morris’s Methods & Assumptions.
117 Dr. Morris’s Energy Capture Trait in Ubaid Culture.
118 Cuneiform Flood Tablet & Coracle Ark
119 Philistines & Sea People & Gath
120 More on Energy Capture of TEVPG Valley from Dr. Morris’s Chapter 3.
121 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Archaeology.
122 Pre-emergent Ubaid in submerged Tigris-Euphrates Valley
123 What Ancient Climate Change Looked Like.
124 Religion Emerges in Younger Dryas Drought
125 Only 3,000-10,000 Humans Survive 75 kya Global Catastrophe
126  Forensics on Otzi the Iceman’s Murder!
127 Teotihuacan, City of Bloody Altars
128  Maya 2000 BC to 1539 AD
129  Bloody-Minded Gods and Men
130  Egyptian Architects & Client Pharaohs
131  City of Gold: the Muisca Confederation
132  Peru’s Coastal Monuments from 3500 BCE
133  Prehistoric Inca Roots in Andes
134  Altiplano: High Plain of Peru & Bolivia
135  Unable to deliver weekly post due to surgery
136  Hittite Video & Novel: Egypt, Book of Chaos
137  Review of Derek Gilbert’s “Great Inception”
138  Writing new novel set in Ubaid Period 6500-3800 BC
139  They Ate Horses Before They Rode Them!
140  First Dynastic Pharaoh: Menes, Narmer, or Aha?
141  Sea Level Rose 400 feet in last 20k years
142  Thinking about the enigmatic Ubaid culture
143  Gobekli Tepe: Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers 12 KYA
144  Göbekli Tepe, Çatalhöyük and Paradigms
145  Botai Culture (3700-3100 BC) domesticated horses
146  Botai meat sources at the end of the Holocene Pluvial
147  Botai & the Domestication of the Horse
148  Botai & Proto-Indo-European Religion
149  Checkout this website: Discovering Ancient Egypt
150  Botai & Proto-Indo-European Society
151  The 5.9 Kilo-year Event affects both Botai & Ubaid
152 Ubaid Material Culture Ends in 3800 BC
153 Top Ubaid towns in 3800 BC & building reed boats
154 DNA breakthrough confirms Kurgan PIE hypothesis.
155 The Ubaid as grandfathers of Uruk and Sumerians.
156 Rise of the City: The Lost Cities of Ancient Egypt
157 Proto-Sumerian Ubaid-Uruk Warpath 3800-3500 BC
158 Steppes & Mesopotamian Grasses & Equids
159 Botai & Steppes Horsemen & Spread of PIE
160 Magan Material Culture dated 3500 BC or earlier